The Future of Dental Health and Comfort Has Arrived at Rio Dental Centre

Nov 11, 2013

The FUTURE has arrived to Rio Dental Centre! We now have an ALL-TISSUE LASER!

As you know, we promote conservative, preventive and proactive health care using the most effective, efficient and comfortable treatment modalities available to us. So adding the iPlus Waterlase technology is the next big jump into our continual investment into our patients and the care we provide!

  • Canker sores/ulcers – relief from pain, promotes quicker healing!
  • Bleeding/puffy gums – removes bacteria and disinfects so gums can get back to health
  • Surgery – removes sick areas, often without needing needles, without burning (like regular lasers), without bleeding, without heat – which means added comfort during procedure and more comfortable and quicker healing afterwards
  • Cavities – pin point precision, added comfort, without making contact with the tooth!
  • Sensitive teeth – relief from sensitivity
  • and many many more!

Call us at 905-882-8280 to see how lasers can make your dental experience and oral health better!

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